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Meet David, a music producer and sound engineer based in Copenhagen, driven by an unwavering love for all things musical. With a genuine curiosity that knows no boundaries, he explores diverse styles, seamlessly navigating through genres but his music is rooted in the pulsating rhythms of electronic music and the hypnotic melodies of trip hop.

In the studio, David is a sonic architect, crafting immersive soundscapes that transcend traditional labels. His technical prowess blends effortlessly with an infectious enthusiasm, creating an environment where creativity thrives.

Beyond the mixing board, he is a humble seeker of musical knowledge. From delving into the depths of jazz to embracing global rhythms, he approaches learning with an eagerness to grow.

Friendly and collaborative, he brings a genuine passion to every project, making music not just a job but a lifelong calling. 

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Demo Development / Film Music / Commercial Music


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